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      | 240 |      LEAD PLAINTIFF: xxxxxxxx      Case Filed: 2008-04-13
Case Summary:
Prodisc implant causing neuralogical damage and other severe side effects.
These effects have been hidden from the public & the company has falsely obtained FDA approval.

Case Detail:
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Are ther any attorneys in the Los Angeles area handling this?

Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
issues swallowing, constant pain, numbness in arms and hands, debilitating headaches, catches where my neck won't move.

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Case Details:
had cervical prodisc implanted november 19 2012 8-12 months after implant - severe arm numbing at night occured, constant pain in arms neck & shoulders - lots of popping and clicking in neck, felt like the device would get locked in place. had mri and ct scan sept 2014 showed spurs growing around the device. had the device removed April 16 2015 - all symptoms have subsided - after spending 2+ years in severe pain and lack of sleep every night for 12 months. missed many days of work, performance at work has suffered severly
seeking pro-bono attorney or class action lawsuit

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I SUFFER from severe pain/burning sensation and leg pain all the way down to my left toes. Loss of sleep most of the time, depression because of the pain. Due to post op surgery over a year now of the Pro Disc L1 S5. I have a very sad sorrowful life. No sexual activities with my wife in over a year and very little social life. Thoughts of suicide often. I want my old life back. Help

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I recieved l5-s1 disk replacement upon a service connected injury while in the military. I was sold on the fact that i would be back to normal. ( my injury consisted of a circumfrential bulge, l5s1). I was told, that fusing my spine would limit movement. With being in the military i opted for the disk replacement.

Upon doing so i was fine till the pain started again. Immobilizing spasms, back pain, numbness in legs, and at times pissing myself.

So not only do i hurt. Im also worried about the public embarressment of me losing my bladder in public.

I have no help from the VA. None.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
After receiving a Pro disc @ my l4-l5 level I began experiencing intense dibilitating pain that has left me Dependant upon pain medications to function. Had the surgery at age 22. Now almost 29.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Surgeon "sold" me on the prodisc c in leiu of a fusion. He had me sign both consent forms prior to surgery and said my surgery couldn't wait due to the disc bulging into and compressing my spinal cord. After waking up in my room with my husband the PA came into the room and stated. "We had to beat the hell out of you to get that in, we had to use our smallest implant and almost couldn't do it." I have come to find out that later they started making smaller prodisc implants for people like me with smaller bones. This surgery has ruinied my life. I have intermittent nerve pain, bone pain so terrible it feels like I have been hit with a hammer and we are now almost 3 years postop. My surgeon acts like I am malingering. I NEED my life and job back. I was a very active person working as an RN in a very busy trauma center in Washington state. My surgeon ordered a CT myelogram and said it was negative, he had never ordered a postoperative plain film until almost 1 year postop. I was angry. It shows degeneration above and below the implant. I am betting that the oversized implant has put more stress on the upper and lower levels. He wouldn't see me and had me see his PA who said. "You will always have pain, you have arthritis." I was confused and pissed. They both told me and the literature reads to NOT use the prodisc if a patient has DJD above and or below. I had a second opinion who said it may be the arthritic changes but all other nerve studies were negative so there was nothing wrong with the implant itself. I want the thing out. I have lost my job, career and life to this.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
had a surgery due to back pain on L5/L1 in 2011 disc was and is not in proper working order I am still having severe pains for a shooting sharp pins feeling on both legs (front and back/ top to bottom) was still going to the same Doctor complaining with tears about the pain.. then I had a death in the family.. the Doctor/surgin had went to another hospital found him, now in 213 had a spinal fusion..the worst pain ever and still in the same dilemma ..I had an MRI done before fusion and paid for the 3-D film (copy that is) and it shows very disturbing shots) the disc is wedged sideways well the plate is and I couldn't even move ,turn ,sit,walk ,stand or even lay down without going through harsh severe shooting pain... the film shows that I have very limit movement across the board I'm only less than 30% mobility in my back and this is destroying my personal life with my WIFE and FAMILY I can't play sport or with my kids much less enjoy the guality of life cause I'm confined to home,Doctor and back home..lost income,losing my family,lost my self esteem and dignity... PLEASE HELP.... I have all the grounds in pursuing a Lawsuit against PRO-DISC

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
had pro disc l at L5-S1 2007, with surgeon aware that I had disc tears at l3-l4 and l4-l5 that where repaired with idet, cornice pain in low back, si joints and legs. had fusing of l3-l4 nov/2009, and now have facet arthrosis and need surgery at l4-l5. total disabled in 2010, I can't sit stand or walk for long peorids of time. in the last year I have been hearing and felling a sharpe pain with any movement of low back or legs coming from L5-S1.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Pain has increased with time. Some days it has become quite debilitating. Standing for long periods are very uncomfortable. I have to change my life style.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Had prodisc L implanted 4/2008. Disabling pain ever since. Disabled at the age of 30. Dr. James Hawkins in Glendale, Arizona did the surgery. He ignored my pain and sent me to pain management. Bound to a wheel chair on my bad days.

7/2013 Dr. Justin Field diagnosed me with a subsided implant and spontaneous fusion. Had posterior fusion done. Out of the wheel chair but will never be out of pain and implant still has micro movement and now makes a popping sound.

The best years of my life with my family have been robbed and left my family in poverty. I was making 70k a year. Now I make $1,800.00 a month and will never be able to provide a penny for my 2 kids education, some days food is scarce!
To top it off Dr. Hawkins talked me into this surgery 3/2008 then some how obtained his training and right to purchase this implant the same month he implanted it in me (4/2008). Please some one help. We need justice to obtain peace in our lives again! My phone number is 480-259-1383

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Replaced in 2011 and 2 years later it feels like I have a nail driven in to the base of my spine. The neurosurgeon lied on my medical records saying "patient is 100% recovered with zero pain." I have a voice recording of me telling the doctor that I was still in unbearable pain 6 months post surgery.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
C4-5 total prodisc C replacement. After two years having pain, limited movement, numbness of hands,severe headaches, back and shoulder pain, pops cracks and loud clicking followed by headaches. Symptoms seem to be worsening as time goes on...

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Had prodisc put in 2009 made me suffer horrible pain to where l had to be on 11 drugs to deal with pain plus constant shots. I had to play waiting game to get prodisc taken out. It made poping and clicking noises and my legs would go numb at times. It ruined my life. I was told it would make my life better and it was better then fusion. I finally had it taken out april 1 2013 it was a 8+ hour surgery and l had recovery issues that were not safe.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I was on workers comp for 10 years and han to go back to work that only last for 4 years I had to resign anf now on SSDI, mu medical will not start for two years anf I can't afford to get my back correctly, the pain is so severe I most times can't move. The surgery was performed by Dr Robert Wakins at the LA Spine Institute and they arr now in Marina Del Rey called Spine Institite, I need help Please!

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Constant pain in the lower back, abdominal pain, burning feet, leg pain. Prodisc L5/S1 in November 2012. Looking to join a class action.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Had 2nd surgery in oct 2009
Had 3rd surgery in jan 2010
Just had 4th surgery apr 2013

Sill have bad pain

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Class Action Investigation Member:
Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
In 2008 Prodisc C was put in for severe neck pain and numbness in arms and hands. I am not on disability for that along with the fact that I STILL have problems swallowing and I lose my voice after talking for about 30 minutes straight. I was a virtual recruiter and relied on my voice.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I am wondering who else was dilated and doomed.

I Got mild stricture in mid esophagus after entering stressful workplace post college. Had barium swallow. Doc said he would fix me. Doctor Mohammad Farivar. he fixed me alright. He put me out in OR and I woke up. He performed a dilation of my lower esophagus. Well he actually dilated my stomach valve, ligature, structure, nerves and sensors... all blown out. Next day at work I felt like I had a hole in my stomach. He then told me to sleep at a slant. But this was a life sentence. This happened in 1986. I could never lye flat and haven't to this day. Yet he is director of gastro at harvard? ??? Now my spine is violated with 25 years of advanced lumbar arthritis from sleeping at slant crimped. I need discs. This man should be imprisoned for what he did to me. He is a butcher.

DEFINITION: LES - Lower Esophageal Sphincter (the stomach valve - entrance)
DEFINITION: TLESI - Terminal Lower Esophageal Sphincter injury
DEFINITION: OAS - Osteo Arthritis of Spine
DEFINITION: PCP - Primary Care Physician
DEFINITION: DDD - Disc Degeneration Disease
DEFINITION: VNRI - Vertebrae Nerve Root Impingements
DEFINITION: GERD - Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease

Applicant sleeps on a elevated twin bed with ham string pillow to back him from sliding down. This slant helps stop the GERD but the slant is violating my spine. Currently my spine cannot take anymore vertical gravity or lateral gravity. the pain is too awful from the vertebrae colliding with impingements. Sciatic now down the right leg is unbearable to the point where by I cannot do anything at all and it is spreading now to both legs all the way down the calves. I need decompression surgery to back this off. I rehab in the gym and have reasonable range of motion but I just cannot go stationary and the pain during day and night is too much. I do not want to be less active than I am now though. So I am seeking flawless decompression. Trim the cervical herniations and resolve the lumbar pinch... and then try to address future roadmap with regard to osteophytes and other compression threats.

I. Applicant is cornered in and struggling with multiple advanced debilitating medical conditions TLESI and GERD and in agonizing severe chronic pain 24x7. Burning scarring GERD pain occurs with a destroyed stomach valve coupled with esophageal spasms; additionally compounded constant knifing radiculopathy of cervical and lumbar spine DDD and OAS coupled with sciatic pain mild left leg but severe sciatic pain right leg.
II. Applicant cannot lye flat for any amount of time or will incur immediate burning scarring GERD.
III. Applicant cannot go stationary for any amount of time stationary without severe radiculopathy in lower lumbar... during day applicant spine takes on a rigamortis dead state stiff, and during evening when attempting sleep vertebrae displace and cause severe pain and collapse from having to be forced to sleep at a slant to avoid GERD.
IV. Applicant does not acquire sleep and is pressed to collapse with somnolence acquiring sleep in 1 to 3 hour short intervals. Applicants brain is frazzled from fibromyalgia fibrofog and any memory retention is chronically impaired preventing any occupation activity in the commercial workplace aside from being physically disabled.
V. Applicant has lost 3 inches in height from 5'8" and is now 5'5"
VI. Applicant is very frightened of what is coming for future and struggling to fend off continued spinal regression.
VII. Applicant is literally spiraling in his elevated bed every evening trying to obtain sleep while trying to escape severe radiculopathy of lumbar spine and onset of rigamortis/stiffness of his thorax.
VIII. Applicant prognosis is grim, there is no cure for the accelerated OAS/DDD nor surgical remedy for TLESI
IX. Brigham and Womens Neurosurgeon Jon Chi has ruled out intervention for VNRI because the OAS is preventing surgeon from predictably being able to get in there (in between the vertebrae in its center) to perform decompression surgery.

I. 1986 December - Applicant's stomach valve was erroneously injured via rogue dilation procedure for a mild stricture - wrongful medical malpractice in December 1986 by Doctor Mohamad Farivar (of IRAN) at Norwood Hospital in Norwood Massachusetts. Applicant was advised by a parade of physicians to lye and sleep at a slant indefinitely. This injury is virtually terminal and presents the highest possibility for cancer of the esophagus (barretts esophagus). There is no surgery remedy. No metallic anti-reflux mesh stint. Nissen fundoplication is mutilation. Applicants stomach valve is a gaping dead entrance causing GERD and scarring of esophagus 24x7. Plaintiff received a life sentence this date 1986 and is alive by miracle of heaven alone today.
II. 2008 July - 22 years of sleeping with lower lumbar at a CRIMPED SLANT has produced a new 22-year developed degenerative spinal injury (advanced degenerative arthritis of the lower 5 lumbar sacrum vertebrae and disc), permanently surfaced summer 2008 via MRI as a result and by product of the original TLESI. Applicant is no longer able to sleep at night due to chronic excruciating pain 24x7 from VNRI and is placed on powerful narcotic pain medications in order to attempt sleep and attempt daily mobility. Applicant PCP has characterized the condition as disc degeneration disease. Applicant has struggling with two chronic 7 x 24 heinous painful excruciating injuries TLESI and DDD. Applicants vertebrae are now clearly deformed from compensating bone growth and arthritis at the center and sides of all vertebrae and applicants spine is warped/bent like a bow.
III. Plaintiff attempts sleep lying on an elevated flat twin bed now (no longer curved orthopaedic bed) to try and reset his spine flat and back to its original form/design.
IV. 2011 July - applicant suffered 3 blown ruptured herniated discs in his cervical spine C3/C4, C4/C5, C5/C6 causing immediate paralysis, radiculopathy, muscle atrophy in pectoral, shoulder, lattimus dorsi and tricep dissolved 95% including 95% loss in strength . PCP states precisely that OAS is directly causing the discs to bulge and rupture and characterizes the regressing condition concisely with DDD.
V. 2011 October - Applicant is verbally confirmed on transcript as candidate for spinal fusion in cervical and lumbar spine by Brigham and Womens Neurosurgeon Jon Chi including installation of ARTIFICIAL PRO DISC for C5/C6 artificial discectomy.
VI. 2012 January - Brigham and Womens Neurosurgeon Jon Chi continues to scope out surgery
VII. 2012 May - Brigham and Womens Neurosurgeon Jon Chi characterizes the arthritis plaguing the lumbar is massive and that the arthritis is extremely advanced and accelerated for a man at age 50. Applicant Surgeon clearly states that the massive lumbar arthritis will prevent him from performing surgery and that he states "I will have trouble even getting in there". Applicant surgeon is opting to continue permanently on narcotic meds and cortizone injections to attempt to help the condition and scheduled for August 2012.
VIII. COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT - Applicant does not sleep as vertebrae immediately displace when attempting sleep. Applicant now has full blown symptoms of fibromyalgia most specifically fibrofog (dementia) and short term memory loss with no functionally ability to operate memory retention and doomed to immediate/permanent present with no hope of multitasking anything. Applicant has lost ALL multitasking capabilities and top shelf memory and PCP states concisely this is clearly from inability to get any sleep, good sleep, recuperation sleep. Applicant suffers from daily somnolence and only sleeps in small 1-3 hour intervals ONLY when his body comes to collapse.
IX. Applicant is doomed every night spiraling in his bed every 30 seconds trying to escape the pain from his TLESI OAS DDD and radiculopathy from VNRI. Plaintiff believes his life is over and is in despair. Every moment of every day and night is spent trying to maintain and manage this dreadful miserable condition. PLAINTIFF CANNOT OPERATE THE WORKPLACE WITH THESE INJURIES... IT IS INHUMAN TO THINK SO.
X. Applicant cannot lounge anywhere within his home and unable to go stationary for 10 or twenty minutes without going rigamortis. This disability surfaces when applicant goes stationary.
XI. Applicant has struggled to stay employed since 1986 and the longest job held was 3 years. Applicant does not smoke, eat greasy foods or fatty foods, drinks little or no alcohol and tries to remain lean. Applicants back is dead and that if a man age 110. Applicant has not returned to workplace and cannot operate the workplace with these injuries. Applicants occupation is finished. Applicant has children suffering as dependents ruined by and from state of New Hampshire officials operating family court system unfair/unlawful impact and damage. Plaintiff was recently incredibly/unfairly denied operating an appeal pro-se to even receive his Hartford family insurance disability benefits by USDC NH. Applicant is living week to week in poverty and outpaced by hardship and bankrupted. Any rehab plaintiff attempts is done doped on narcotics.
XII. Applicant has no money to operate co-pays for massage therapy, physical therapy, surgery, group therapy and wellness or even extra money to purchase orthopedic pillows, pads, medical injury equipment to help mitigate this miserable condition and remains denied, deprived and robbed of simple benefits beyond SSDI. Plaintiff struggles to pay for his meds. Plaintiff's children are robbed of a functioning parent.


1. TLESI BY ROGUE DILATION (applicant believes was intentional)
a. TLESI occurred December 1985 when applicant was age 25
b. Doctor Mohamad Faravar at Norwood Hospital performed the rogue dilation
c. The next day applicant felt like he had a large gaping hole blown open in his stomach
d. Applicant now understands his diaphragm, stomach valve and intricate structures of the lower esophageal sphincter (tissue, nerves, muscles, cartilage and other structural ligature) and valve were all blown out/apart while kocked out under anesthesia and permanently 100% destroyed by Doctor Faravar’s rogue dilation
e. This TLESI is now 26 years old
f. TLESI is terminal
i. Terminal by virtue of no surgery or solution exists to solve it
ii. Terminal that barrets esophagus esophageal cancer is pending via scarring of the esophageal lining and the end result and should have already occurred after 24 years of scarring
1. barrets esophagus is the fastest growing cancer
2. Upwards to over 15,000 citizens are diagnosed with baretts esophagus each year
3. Mortality rate is dismal and very few survive
g. GI medicine remains incompetent and has no capacity today for anti-reflux stints and prefer to operate rogue dilations and nissen fundoplication mutilations. Its all bad medicine.
a. The TLESI, by design of it’s impact, guarantees 7 x 24 hyper acid reflux to the lower esophagus wall linings during the day and during attempted sleep
i. The hyper acid reflux is and has been triggered by the following
1. Life conditions
2. Holidays
3. Hardships, famine and harassment by the NH government perpetual court processes
4. Commuter traffic
5. Harsh workplace conditions
3. BURNING PAIN 7 x 24
a. The virtual automatic hyper acid reflux presents burning pain in the stomach area and TLESI 7 x 24
b. The pain increases at intensities
c. Sometimes it feels like something is melting the TLESI
d. Sometimes it feels like razor sharp darts on the TLESI
e. Sometime the pain expands and ravishes the whole area with burning
f. Other times it feel like a grenade went off around the TLESI
a. Intensity of the injury is coupled with sharp spasms below the lungs that span the whole mid section, are knifing and agonizing and refuse to go away immediately… applicant has to find a quiet room, reduce stimulus and somehow pray to cause the pain and spasms to stop
a. This TLESI caused 22 years of OAS which permanently surfaced without remedy summer 2008 at Doctor David Frost practice after MRI of lower lumbar 5 discs and vertebrae
i. MRI Showed disk bulging
ii. MRI showed stinosis
iii. MRI showed curvature
iv. MRI showed that nerves were being entangled and caught up impinged with severe VNRI
v. MRI showed 22 years of OAS and DDD
vi. The arthritis was caused from the lower lumbar spine crimping and compressing while sleeping at a slant and slipping down the bed during the night (many GI doctors have asked “are you slipping down the bed at night?”) GI medicine should be shut down and there should be class actions.
b. Applicant has lost 2 inches from his height. He use to be 5’8” and was recently recorded by his PCP Office as 5’6”. Applicant as of 2012 is now 5' 5"
a. Applicant has been on the following tier III meds that are designed for short term use only but has been on these for the rest of his life
i. Zantac
ii. Tagamet
iii. Protonics
iv. Prevacid
v. Nexium
vi. Prilosec
b. Applicant cannot go a day without taking prilosec, it is unthinkable the burning
c. Prilosec puts just a dent in the GERD for night time attempt to sleep
d. Intensity of the TLESI often renders the tier II med prilosec futile and useless. There is nothing that will stop an acid run from horrendous life conditions in state of new Hampshire
i. Applicant believes the tier III meds have affected his brain and short term memory and ability to be a fruitful software design engineer
i. Applicant believes the tier III meds have affected his eye sight which is now impacted he cannot read restraint menus, penny dates or laptop text anymore
g. BRAIN IMPACT - FIBROFOG from full blown symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA
i. Applicant believes now his brain for his livelihood has been wrecked and ruined by the meds. All software design engineering capabilities and talents prior to the usage of the tier III meds were fruitfully competitive, rivaling and razor sharp and multitasking. Applicant can only handle one task at a time now and often forgets moments after what he went out to his car for.
ii. As of October 2010, Kenneth’s fiancé and her two children have been complaining about Ken’s absented mind ness madness… especially his fiancé whom states he should see his doctor for the frequent chronic short term memory loss that is plaguing everyone… fiancé and children have discovered doors left open that should have been locked, pets left in danger, stove burners left on burning that should have been shut off, materials that could catch fire next to stove burners, items left on vehicle that are discovered later while driving or on highway by other vehicles threatening missile… Kenneth has a substantial graded dementia and believes he is now hopelessly irreparably scarred from the proton pump inhibitor meds
a. Applicant now suffers automatic 24x7 GERD as a result of the injury
b. Applicant is on constant burning pain 7 x 24 that intensifies at various unpredictable times of the day and evening
c. Applicant receives mid section abdominal knifing spasms that do not relent and invoke deeper sharper agonizing pain
d. Applicant cannot lie flat on his back for not even 1 minute without acid seeping to the esophagus and burning immediately
e. Applicant cannot lie flat on his stomach for not even 1 minute without acid seeping to the esophagus and burning immediately and the hernia grade terminal injury being crushed and causing immediate physical pain from being crushed
f. Applicant cannot lie flat on his right side for not even 1 minute without acid seeping to the esophagus and burning immediately
g. Applicant cannot lie flat on his left side for not even 1 minute without acid seeping to the esophagus and burning immediately
h. Applicant is unable to lie flat anywhere for any given moment of time
a. Applicant often sleeps in a chair
b. Applicant often sleeps in his truck
i. This fashion occurs when visiting family members homes, camping or going away for the weekend
c. Applicant has been sleeping in a twin bed raised at one end by 3 thick cobble stones from 1986-1999
d. Applicant has been sleeping in an Orthopedic bed since 1999
e. Applicant now struggles aily to get any sleep at night and is often staring out the window at 3am and 4am without any ability to get sleep due to pain from stomach burning and contentious pain from lower lumbar arthritis
f. Applicant often rotates from twin bed to orthopedic bed to recliner chair within the home during the night to try to gain some different position in order to get comfortable enough to drowse off and avoid any kind of pain
g. Applicant can be characterized as tossing like a hot potato during the night to try to escape the lumbar arthritis pain. Every few minutes applicant has to try a new position to escape the pain or find a position that produces no pain.
a. Commercial workplace has cited applicant for performance job after job
b. Long commutes are unbearable and make the condition worse and present back issue for sitting for long periods
c. Intense workplace conditions fire up applicant pain and make the condition unbearable
d. Daily collapse and short term memory loss offers no place in the workplace when Kenneth should not even be operating any machinery
a. Applicant has seen a parade of specialists who made their diagnosis and still produce no solution Is this intentional? Another deprivation of citizenship?
b. Not one doctor mentioned patents on anti-reflux stints
c. Not one doctor mentioned trials on anti-reflux stints
d. Not one doctor mentioned anti-reflux stints at all
e. Lahey Clinic recently told applicant July 2009 says Stint surgery does not exist
a. Will there be a bed, chair or apparatus to accommodate applicant in short or long term
b. Will a prosthetic stint solve the problem
c. Even if a prosthetic stint solves, how does applicant get to lie flat?
d. Does applicant need new vertebrae and disc installed for lower spine?
e. The surgery options at best are mutilation, snipping nerves, nissen fundoplication, dilation… the outlook is extremely grim especially the threat of esophageal cancer.
f. How can Applicant get a normal nights sleep?
g. How can applicant escape the breaking pain that continues to prevent attempted sleep to 3am 4am during night?

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I believe the doctors hid the calcification problem from me and from the public. They touted the fact that the disc had been used in Europe for 10 years. Now I am hearing that half of the folks with pro discs are having this issue 10 years after the study. Do Americans get calcification more readily than Europeans? Doubtful. Somebody should pay dearly for this.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
My miserable journey is confusing, so I will try to keep it brief and more clear. Hope this helps anyone.

First throughout my life I had my back go out intermitently, but would rest and really thought nothing of it. 12/08 was boxing early in the morning at a gym and everything in my neck "gave" I knew it was bad and it took me a while to figure out what happened. I herniated 4 cervical discs, so I went thru all the usual routes, nothing....had my first adr surgery 09/30/2009, a US surgeon put in a pro disc, (it's too small and misaligned, idiot surgeon). He only did the c6/7 level because that is all my insurance would cover, he left me almost bone on bone at c5/6 and in all my follow up visits, lied to me and told me I was fine. I went to a ton of surgeons and doctors, had a discogram at tbi with dr. zigler and dr. rodreguez, and found out what my pain generators were. Fought insurance and finally took out a loan and went to boeree to fix c5/6 with the m6. I have been in so much pain for years because of the miserable insurance companies games and the dishonest us surgeons, please, please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.



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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I had Cervical C5/C6 ProDisc implant in July 2010. I suffered terribly for a year. Weight loss, agony, all kinds of meds, lost job, etc... Finally received revision of the failed ProDisc by Johns Hopkins on July 1st, 2011. Hopkins performed fusion over top of the ProDisc. After surgery pain wore off, I have found myself in the same situation. Still agony, pain, sleep issues, etc... Told that I have to face a life of pain management and the disc is still in my neck, killing me.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I had 2 levels that were ruptured. C5-6 and C6-7. C6-7 was worse and I had the implant surgery in October of 2010. In November of 2011 I started feeling symptoms of an impinged nerve on both sides of my upper body. This progressed and now my symptoms (pain, numbness and tingling) is all over my body. Arms, shoulders, hands, fingers, hips, quads, lower legs and feet. After An MRI and a meeting with a spine specialist this month (February 2012) I find that the Artificial disc has moved and is now pressing against my spinal cord and causing these symptoms.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
i only had a couple days of relief after suregery and for the last 2 years has been a struggle. i had to change my whole lifestyle because of this. i can hardly walk or get out of bed every step in so much pain i feel faint.. pins and needles down right leg severe lower back pain can't bend or sit for any long period of time.. i am only 33 and i can't even leave the house at times..

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I had this surgery in march 2008..
since surgery pain has worsen..doctors wouldnt give me straight answers.. now I'm seeing a doctor in gainsville florida due to pain in hips & burning in middle of now is sending me for mri on January 13th..can someone please contact me at 352-307-2986

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
2008 had two prodiscs inplanted in my L4-L5 and L5-S1. one of them failed within 13 months and had to be removed. insurance refuses to pay for the original surgery. I have the disc that failed at my house. no apparent damage or reason for it to come apart but it did. still in pain and several other side effects. i'm concerned that the other one is failing and Mayo Clinic refuses to see me until the original debt is settled.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I was implanted with a Pro Disc C and my disc within two eyars began to subside.

I now have nerve damage,severe atrophy of my muscles, damage and compression behind my disc and my disc is subsiding.

I am in constant pain and cannot afford to have this implant removed.

Synthese knew this disc would subside. Doctors who did the clinical trails were also
financial contributors.

the Pro Disc was all about money without any patient concern for safety

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Case Details:
Prodisc implanted by a surgeon who is a consultant to Synthes, who shares patents on the device, and who trains other surgeons for Synthes. Device had to be removed, after one year of bed-ridden pain. Allege: Synthes device labeling does not represent FDA Trials. Injury directly related to alleged Device Labeling deception.

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Case Details:
In 2009 I had surgery including instalation of the ProDisc at the L4-5 level. Since the surgery I have had strong Neuropathy and being treated by a Neurologist who is prescribing Gabapantin 600mg 4 times per day ans well as Cymbalta 60mg twice per day.

The burning/ electric like/ pins and needles pain continue and I have not worked since June of 2010.

I am about to loose my vehicle and fall behind and credit card payments etc.. I have always been in great shape and worked as a Sheriff Deputy K9, and also have never been late on a payment for anything in my life.

THe ProDisc was supposed to relieve the back pain, but I only felt better for a short time while I was recovering, then the back pain returned and continued to get worse along with the neuropathy.

I am greatly stressed due to the pain and lack of income.


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Case Details:
Currently, I have numbness in the left leg, shooting pains and weakness in my left leg. Since surgery, I have been unable to return to work. I can only stand for about 1 hour or sit for about 30 minutes without being in alot of pain. I have been on pain killers, antidepressents constantly. My sleep patterns are totally disrupted.

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Case Details:
had a prodisc put in was promised it would take away all pain, now i feel water dripping down my leg. i walk on a rock and i have permant nerve damage. on all kids of meds, doc wants me to get a spinal cord stimulatur.

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Case Details:
Prodisc failure and suffering 2006 to present.
Complete fusion of prodisc and all neuropathy
gone. Unfortunately, 2 unnecessary surgeries
in the meantime and aggressive treatment of
neuropathy with medication, pain and suffering.

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Case Details:
had a three level disc replacement in Germany by Dr. Bertagnoli two of the three subsided and need to be removed. I was never told that this could happen and leave me in worse pain and possibly death after such a surgery.

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Case Details:
Prodisc installed in 2008. Had 3 months of relief but now have severe pain in both legs, numbness in my feet and back pain. Doc is recommending the disc be removed and fusion performed. Pain so severe I am on Morphine, Oxycodone, Temazepam, Flexeril, Gabapentin, and Trazadone. Just moved to Colorado so I do not know if it will be fought in Colorado or Nevada where the prodisc was originally surgically implanted

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Case Details:
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Are ther any attorneys in the Los Angeles area handling this?

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