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Walgreen's Public Abuse

      | 326 |      LEAD PLAINTIFF: pat926      Case Filed: 2008-07-01
Case Summary:
On 2-18-2008 at 5:50 pm,I went into the Merriam Walgreen's on Johnson Drive and Antioch. It was very cold outside. I entered the business and took off my gloves and put them in my coat pocket. I went to my knees to the left of where you enter. I was looking though the day old Sunday paper , which were on the floor,to make sure the coupons were in it. As I was looking through the first paper, a voice behind me loudly said "WHAT ARE YOU STEALING", I didn't figure they were talking to me. I then started looking through a second paper, the 1st paper only had 1 set of coupons in it. The second set only had 1 set of coupons in it , so I took 1 of the papers. As I stood up this man, who was 5"-7" taller than me was then in my face saying "WHAT ARE YOU STEALING". They were many people entering, standing in line and walking through the store. I asked this person if he was talking to me and I told him I was checking the paper to make sure the coupons were in it. I also went on to tell him that I had worked with my sister before and she delivered the KC Star paper for years. I knew that parts fall out of them or are not even put in them. He them said "SO YOU ARE STEALING OUR COUPONS" I told him since I was being falsely accused 3 times for stealing he could have his paper. I park by the front door because I am disabled, I watched him start to laugh out loud and then he said something to the checker and threw the paper back on the stack of the other papers. I then went back inside and asked the clerk for his name. His name is Chris. The next day I called to talk to chris's boss who said he would talk to Chris to see if he could even remember anything like this happening. In the mean time I receieved a very poor excuse of an apology in an email from Nick Baker. I was then referred to someone else whom never fulfilled my erequest of a public apology.

Case Detail:
I was publically abused, wrongfully accused, embarrsed to tears, emotionally upset for months,
publically humiliated. I know demand monies for all this

Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Due to the witch hunt over Oxycodone 30mg it has become very hard to find and if you find it will the pharmacy fill it.

I have read online that Blue Cross and Blue Shield "through medicare part D" and Walgreens are at odds with eachother due to what BCBS through medicare part D pays the pharmacies for oxycodone 30 mg. For the last few months I have been to literally dozens of walgreens trying to get my Oxycodone 30 mg 168 count a month filled. I have been taking this medication for at least 6 years and was labeled disabeled by the State of Florida in 2002.
At several walgreens stores I have handed the pharmacists assistant my Oxycodone 30mg 168 count perscription with several other non scheduled medications like Gabentin, Neurontin, Ultram, and Mobic.

They always say let me see if I have the medication (Oxyconde) the go to the backa nd come back and say we have it in. then they run my perscriptions through the machine which starts the filling process. THIS HAS HAPPENED AT LEAST 5 TIMES IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS WHERE I GET TO THE "WE HAVE IT POINT AND WE WILL FILL IT"
Please remember that it takes about 3 full days of driving around to 30 to 40 pharmacies a day beofre I can even find someone who has the medication in stock or will admit they have it in stock.
After they start the process, about 5 minutes later the Pharmacists will come to the counter and say to me Quote"we do not have this oxycodone in stock" ...... I say to them your assistant just went and checked and you do have it in stock or the assistant would not have started the processs, I heard the assistant shake the pill bottles on several occasions.
the pharmacists emphatically denies that they have the medication when I know he or she is lying.
I tell them again "your assistant checked and said you do have it and I have been taking this medication for years and used to get it filled at walgree stores all the time, Again we do not have it.

I get my perscriptions back and go to another walgreens down teh street and they say the same thing but we can not fill it because you jsut had it filled at the pharmacy down the street.

I say no I did not they said they have it and then said they do not, do you have it, the pharmacists gets involved and of course they dont have it either but they did when I walked in.4

I asked my doctor about this BS and he said that because he does not take insurance and only cash that Walgreens will not fill Oxycodone for some reason, My doctor asked me not to make a big deal out of it and I told him I would not because I end up finding it somewhere after going to over 100 places in the last 2 months, EACH MONTH OVER 100 PHARMACIES.

I look online and see that walgreens does have a problem with BCBS in another state, California and there is a story in the LA times where a Walgreens pharmacists told a patient that becaue of the BCBS carries being involved with Express Scripts that they would no longer be able to fill thier medications.

The worse thing is I call my firend who is also hurt, same doctor, same medications, and he goes a few hours later to stores I went to that said they had it but then didnt and he gets his filled, of course he pays cash.
Someone please help me, this is nuts, I am 41 years old, I wear pressed, dress clothes everytime I go to a pharmacy so I will not be discriminated for how I look and now this crap.
Someone please help me

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
My now 9 yr. old son now suffers from extreme muscle and joint pain as a result of recieving the adult David medication. My son was to receive a cough medicine and antibiotic to clear an upper respitory infection, instead they gave him a Catapres TT-3 patch, Benicar, Nifedipine, and a heart medication. After 14 days of medication, when I followed up with his pediatrician, they careflited my son to the local Childrens Medical Center in Dallas, Tx. My son is now unable to be a regular 9 yr old and all they want to give my son is $40,000, and after attorney fees it only leaves $21,000. To add further insult they don't feel that they are responsible for my lost wages due to having to quit working to meet all of my sons many doctors appointments.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I was employed with walgreens for a year and had recieved an excellent review. My manager harrassed me, pulled my hair and made sexual comments. He also told me not to do so- well at my job because it would hurt my chances of getting promoted. If I excelled at everything , they would not able to see if i was learning anything. The statement took me off gaurd. I felt was being told not to be " so perfect" at my job, because it could hurt my chances for promotion. He would always make comments about how I should quit. Not even a few weeks later after recieving my reiview I was accussed of stealing over 600.00 from the safe in the office. I was under the impression during my employment that there were security camera's in the office, and when I asked them to review the tape they laughed at me and told me I was being a smart-ass.. There was a cleaning crew waxing the floors the night the money went missing, and the next morning it was discovered the locking mechinisim on the safe was broken. They had to call a lock smith to come and fix it the next day. They accussed me of rigging the safe and stealing the money with no proof what so ever. Unemployment proved in my favor, due to Walgreens not being able to provide any evidence, and the state even thought what they by accusing me was wrong. Because of this I have lost sleep, feel humilated, and set-up, because I was a woman.

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Today, 8/21/2010, I went to my nearest Walgreens located at 755 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206, to return a lipstick in which I was overcharged and buy a few household items. Since it was raining I was wearing a sweater to cover my hair. Throughout my shopping at the store I was followed by employees and the security guard, making me very uncomfortable. I finally decided I was not going to give my money to this store and decided to return the lipstck. While at the register the manager asked the clerk where is the "code 5", and the clerk replied, "it's ok, it's her here" meaning that they didn't need to follow me anymore since I was already leaving I guess. Since I was returning an item, the manager had to conduct the transaction, I was so mad that I asked him "so just because someone is wearing a sweater means they're going to steal something?" and he just smirked at me!! Such disrespect. This trip to the store humiliated me, I actually left crying and shaking! I'm a college graduate and in no way do I act or dress like a thief! The manager didn't even apologize for humiliating me. Once home I called the store because the manager's name was not on the receipt and whoever answered gave me a hard time, asking me why I wanted the manager's name. Afterwards, he finally relented and told me the manager on shift was Mr. Swanzi. What was so hard about giving me the manager's name?

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:

Beginning 1/1/07 $28.60/mo was taken out of my SS Disability check for Medicare Plan D prescription program. I took my card in to Walgreens on Dearborn and Division in Chicago and registered with them. For the first 3 months, only one of my several medications (Estradiol) was billed to Medicare Plan D (by Walgreens) and I had paid $7.00 for it. Not understanding what the plan was all about, when I picked up medications henceforth, I kept asking why the price was so high and was told "because that's what you paid last month" "the price went up" etc. Not until 11/7/08 was I told by a pharmacist that I don't have Plan D - Walgreens was billing Advanced PCS. Advanced PCS was a little discount offered by United American Insurance Company which was my supplemental insurance to Medicare. Thus, I had been paying almost full price for all my subscriptions for almost 2 years!

I returned to Walgreens that evening with my Plan D card to get the difference of the prescription I had paid full price for in the afternoon. The difference I received on that one prescription was $126.34. I initially paid $154.34. I should have been paying only $28.00 all along for this drug (Mirapex).

Gordon, the Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens on Division and Dearborn (312-943-0973), admitted it was Walgreens error and also told me that he saw my Plan D information was initially entered into their system in January 2007. Gordon said somebody kept mistakenly billing Advanced PCS instead of Medicare Plan D. Gordon told me that he didn't know how they would go about backbilling for such a long time, nor did he have the authorization to do so. Gordon reported it to his supervisor Amy Peters (630-617-4559) at the District Office, but never heard back from Amy even though Gordon followed up numerous times.

I contacted Greg Wasson's office, the Acting CEO of Walgreens, (847-914-2500 x2758) in Deerfield, and told the story to his assistant (Deborah - 847-914-3342) who in turn put me in touch with Barb Wright, Coordinator, Pharmacy Customer Service (847-914-2238).

On 11/18/08 Barb called to tell me she was investigating this and there were so many claims she would do her best to go back as far as she could. I told her that was unacceptable - I wanted FULL REIMBURSEMENT of the difference and Walgreens should pay me themselves if they couldn't bill Medicare Plan D. Barb assured me she would seek other options and that would certainly be one.

I received a letter from Barb dated 11/19/08 telling me Walgreens will only reimburse me $39.44 for a prescription filled on 10/23/08. Barb writes they cannot submit the rest of my prescription claims as they are too old for them to reverse and send to Medicare. Barb writes that I need to contact my presctiption benefits administrator (whoever that is I don't have a clue) for instructions on how to resubmit the claims myself.

United Health Rx, the carrier who receives my monthly $28.60 from Medicare, confirmed Walgreens paid for 3 prescriptions in 2007 and also told me I had to get the money from Walgreens since they were at fault. I have found the 3 Monthly Summaries proving Walgreens Drug Store 1375 billed Plan D in January, February and March (but only for that one drug - not all of them).

Can you PLEASE help me? Walgreens is definitely responsible and I view this as fraud. If Walgreens did this to me, I am positive they have ripped off many other people also and should be investigated.

If you won't help me, can you please direct me to who will? I cannot find an agency who is responsible for handling this type of complaint. I've been told this wasn't fraud - that Walgreens just misbilled. Although it is difficult for me to come up with an accurate dollar amount of what Walgreens owes me, it is definitely over $1,000 - $1,500 and I cannot afford to lose that kind of money. Walgreens also told me they cannot provide me with the Plan D costs of my medications.

Thank you in advance.

Susan L. Shipman
150 W. Maple Street, #1305
Chicago, IL 60610

312-751-9113 - Home
312-376-7640 - Cell

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Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I received medicare so my prescription should have been at no charge to me I gave them my card and they still tryed to make me pay out of my pocket. I went with out my blood pressure pills & collestoral pills and inhaler for over a year before they were able to fix it. I suffered headaces,breathing problems and pain untill they figured out why, I tried a gain to and the wanted to charge me again in the amount of $79.00. why

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