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Santander Consumer - Predatory Auto Financing

      | 493 |      LEAD PLAINTIFF: cjhcisco      Case Filed: 2011-04-29
Case Summary:
I purchased a car with Santander Consumer back in November, 2009. Since that time, I have had my date to pay my car note changed twice, I have had representatives tell me that I have miscellaneous charges and cannot give me an explanation of what the charges are and I have been told that they are recording my payments incorrectly and I can prove it because I pay them through my back. They call every phone number back to back in 15 to 20 minute intervals, which is simply harassment. I was late paying once and asked if they could readjust the payment to the end of the loan they claim they did and increased the payoff by 2000.00 and with an additional $300.00 fees tacked on to the payment.

Case Detail:
In short, this company needs to go under investigation by the United States Government. Their lending practices, customer service practices are down right ILLEGAL and unethical and VIOLATE many laws.

Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
Purchased a car loan through Flagship then next thing I know Santander has my car loan. If I am even a day late these people are calling my phone back to back, at least 10 + times a day, sometimes from different numbers even. I financed the truck for it was around $21,000 back in 2007, I have paid 21,000 + and they are telling me I still owe $19,000 for the truck, that has me paying 40,000 for a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. I pay $550.00 a month and they said only $200.00 and some is going to principal. So I have been paying on this truck almost 6 years and still owe $19,000, theres no way. I have tried to get them to lower my payment because $550.00 a month is a hardship on me and my family and they tell me they are not a refinancing company but yet are eager to and get my truck when I miss a payment. I am now layed off and they still will not work with me but will call my phone 10 + times a day back to back, I think that would be harassment. We definantly all need to pull together and put this company out of business and try and get some of our money back from these thiefs. We need to start a class action lawsuit on Santander!

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Class Action Investigation Member:
Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
I originally purchased a car through RoadLoans in 2004. I made payments and was (in the beginning) satisfied that I had a loan company that would work with me even though I had some bad marks on my credit. Sometime in 2010 Santander purchased (or acquired my loan) and since then I have paid 185.00 per month on the loan. Through all of this I have suffered layoffs etc and have been challenged financially. Last month I mad TWO payments to Santander one in the amount of 189.43 and one in the amount of 283.57. I received a statement from 7/30/2012 stating that I still have a past due amount of 473.58 and fees and charges due of 373.31. and that my payment was due by the 15th of the month this month - which I was prepared to make next week. Last evening a tow truck came and took the vehicle. I have been called numerous times by these people and even when I make an arrangement to make a payment the calls still continue. They have even called my elderly mother in law as well as my daughter on her cell phone. They also continue to call my previous place of employment even thought they have been told time and again by both myself and the company that I do not work there. My original loan amount was 11,000.00 According to them, after 8 years of paying on an 11,000 loan I still owe $5,940.51. I was berated by their staff told I could not drive a car for free (which I never expected to do) and when I told them that they could not call my place of employment they mocked me and said "So, now you are a lawyer??" While I like many other people have financial dificulties these people have MORE than gotten their money back from me. They call up to 8 times a day sometimes waiting only 5 or so minutes between calls and now block their number when they call numerous times per day. I feel as though they are holding my own car over my head and I am helpless to do anything about it. They call themselves a secondchance lending and have even told me that they are sure I dont care about my credit since i came to them for a loan. I assured them as I am assuring you now that this was not then nor is it now the case. I really do need help with this. I must have transportation and with this happening I do not know where to turn. Im fairly sure that the reposession was not legal (and morality obviously plays no factor here with this company). Whatever Class Action Suit is available I would like to join!!

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Case Details:
I purchased mu 09 Dodge Journey for 15000 and put down a 1000.00. My financed amount was around 14,000. My interest rate is like 24% so I expected to have the bad end of the deal but every time I make a payment the overall balance stays the same. I dont understand how the heck this is happening.

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Case Details:
Santander has been harrassing my credit file for eight long years. I have never ever had a vehicle financed or purchased with or through them. They have the wrong consumer it is not I who they need to harrass it was a relative of mine that was financed with them not me...

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Case Details:
The company I currently work for did not have a salary cap, until recently. We were told, that we will be notified before we are capped out on our salary, shouldn't this be provide to us? There are level one employees that are making more than a level two employee, that just doesn't seem right.

I am currently in the AR Department as a collection supervisor, there was a job opening in the same department for a cash application supervisor. I submitted my online application, and recieved an email from HR, stating I qualified based on the answers I provide. One questions was, what was my education level. I chose - High School diploma and 3-4 years of experience. This application was accepted by HR and I had to provide them with a Letter of recommendation, my resume and 2 signed reviews, which I did. I then asked HR, if this would be a lateral move for me, and I received and email stating it would be a promotion (same department as a supervisor). I was pretty exicted, until the director called me in to her office. She told me it would not be a promotion, but if i would still be interested to go ahead and apply. When I got back to my desk, I had received another email from HR, stating that I needed an BA degree for this position (supervisor same department, I don't have a BA now), which does not qualify me for this position. I have requested multiple times a raise, just to have the same rate of pay as the other supervisor have. Do I have an equal pay discrimation suit? I am not the only one that feels this way, I could probably get 5 - 10 employees stating how unfairly I am treated.

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