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Prodisc C Cervical Implant

      | 636 |      LEAD PLAINTIFF: Gwendolyn      Case Filed: 2012-10-16
Case Summary:
Is anybody out there with this implant having the same symptoms as prior to the surgery but also having swallowing and talking problems? I had surgery in 2008 with high hopes. It is now 2012 and I am on disability. At least before the surgery I could dictate to my computer for work. Now I lose my voice and gag when swallowing most of the time.

Case Detail:
I have heard several conflicting stories. Some say that the FDA took away the approval due to lack of research. I have not really thought about anything like this until my mom last week insisted I look into it. She broke her back in several places 20 yrs ago and has basically fused from top to bottom. She is in better shape than me!

Class Action Investigation Member:

Case Details:
In 9/2013, I recieved a single level disc replacement at C5/6. Initially, it appeared successful. However, I continued to get very sick literally from the time I was implanted until 12/2015 when it was removed. It was removed because during a bout these non stop viral infections, I lost conciseness and fell flat on my face breaking the equipment in my neck. I didn't associate the illnesses to the implant until after it was removed. Because I was sick only for a few weeks after and haven't been sick since 12/15 except with other non viral issues.

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Case Details:
In Aug and Sept of 2012 I was implanted with prodisc c. In Sept of 2015 it was discovered the artificial discs broke my vertebrae and slid onto my spinal cord causing emergency surgeries.

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Case Details:
Swallowing, severe neck and base of skull continue pain. Problems are progressing .having to wear neck brace again. Headaches, cracking, popping, limited movement. Several injections, unsuccessfull. Surgion says everything is ok and wont physical examine only look at old m.r.I and had recent exray week ago.reports said no change?

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Case Details:
i recently opened an account with td ameritrade with the understanding i will have $600 free with 2 months of free trades ive lost over $2000 and ive yet to recieve either

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Case Details:
A few years ago I was injured on the job and hurt my knee. The hospital were I worked sent me to a specialist to be examined. The doctor gave me an injection for the pain in my knee. The injection was very painful. He said the pain would go away and the medicine would start working. That wasn't the case. Two hours later my knee began to swell and the pain got worse. Later that week I began to feel strange. I was thirsty all the time and had to use the bathroom all the time. My vision began to get blurry with each passing day along with my knee pain. Until one day, I woke up and could see, everything was completely blurred and I went to the E.R. After being checke out by the doctor he told me I had diabetes and I was in total shock. I've had blood work done a few times with that year and beforeI got the job there and I had no problems and now within a weeks time, I went from perfectly fine to being a diabetic? Now I'm suffering from this disease and other problems because of it. I also can't afford medicine or doctor visits. I presented my case to the companies workman's comp people but they ignored my plea.I know that the injection made me sick.

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